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"Prominent Coaching Trees"

"From earlist days of the NFL to the present day, head coaches have loomed larger than life. Here are several coaches with prominent coaching trees:"

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"Successful Staffs"

"Because coaches challenge one another each day in practice, the staff that you are on can indicate future success. Here are several teams with multiple successful head coaches:"

    li(a(href = "/coaching-staffs/giants/1954">"1954 Giants")), li(a(href = "/coaching-staffs/49ers/1988">"1988 49ers")), li(a(href = "/coaching-staffs/giants/1990">"1990 Giants"))

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"What is a Coaching Tree?"

"Similar to a family tree, a coaching tree describes an NFL Head Coach's football lineage through multiple generations. Assistant coaches learn under one or more head coaches before being promoted to a head coach themselves, becoming a new branch of the tree. Teams searching for a new head coach often look to the coaching trees of previous champions in an attempt to find a successful coach for themselves. Unfortunately, though this is a common strategy in the NFL, not every winning coach succeeds in producing successful assistants. The challenge, then, for front office staff is to find the coaching trees with the strongest branches for their next head coaching hire."

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"About this Site"

"""NFLCoachingTrees.com got its start as a fun side project during graduate school. That analysis of the social network among NFL football coaches turned into an academic publication (See Fast and Jensen 2006), several invited talks, and a write-up on ESPN.com. Ten years later this is still the project of mine that everyone wants to talk about. I hope you find these data as interesting as I have.
The data were gathered from several different sources (including on-site at the NFL Hall of Fame). If you find any discrepancies, errors, or omissions, please contact us."""

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